General Data Protection Regulation

At “Digital Protection Services S.R.L.” (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “our” or “us”), there isn't room for compromise and our values orientate everything we do, including our rigorous compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We strive to meet all compliance requirements of GDPR for EU citizens and legal residents.

What Product Data Do We Collect?

We do not collect any personal data unless explicitly given permission from our users. We do collect some functional and technical data to ensure our product performs consistently and superbly. From the point of installer launch, here’s the data we use by default:

1. Events which describe a process from start to finish

For example, we track how many users have successfully downloaded and installed the software. This helps us to know that our installer is working properly.

2. Errors and problems during install, software launch, or uninstall

By learning about where things go wrong, we can fix the product effectively.

3. Telemetry data

This data helps us understand how our users use our features. Telemetry data is integral to improvement of the software.

4. Software crashes

This data is sent when the software crashes and contains technical information that helps our developers understand what is happening inside the product code.

All of the data we collect is anonymized, which means that no one can identify the data personally or link it to a specific user.

What User Account Data Do We Collect?

We will require certain personal details to identify the account. These include your email, name, mobile number. However, note that all our billings are processed via Google Play.

Product Support

To report a bug or service problem, we offer a variety of options, including contact form, feedback form, email, and phone. Quite often it is necessary to get the user’s email address to appropriately follow-up on a support or bug request.

Premium Content and Product News

Users can opt-in to provide their email address when signing up for product email updates or blog emails. We securely store our email lists and never send unnecessary emails or SPAM. Furthermore, it is easy to unsubscribe from our email list or edit your email settings.

Additional Data Rights

Under GDPR, all legal EU residents or citizens are data subjects. All data subjects have certain rights. As an EU citizen or legal resident, you have rights to:

  • Request and access all your personal data from any data controller or processor (us or our payment processors, in this case).
  • Receive a downloadable copy of all the personal data on file within 30 days of request.
  • Request removal of all data on file within 30 days of receipt of request.

Remove Personal Details from Our System

If you have any questions regarding what information we have stored for you or you would like us to remove any personally identifiable data, please feel free to email us at

Regarding data request forwarding, we send your data request to data processors out of goodwill. We are not responsible for the GDPR compliance of any third-party data processors. Similarly, our forwarded request does not replace a request by a data subject (user), and we deeply encourage users to follow-up with data processors directly to ensure their request is honored.

Contact Data Protection Officer

You may contact our designated Data Protection Officer at anytime if you have queries, suggestions or feedback related to the personal data we store, process and share with third parties (payment gateways, payment processors, etc.).

You may also address your doubts related to the personal data we transfer/process outside the EU (in case, our servers are located outside the EU).

Please feel free to write to the Data Protection Officer at and you'll be attended with the highest priority.